Time Traveler Showed A Photo From The Future – Earth Is Destroyed By Robots

In our world, it seems, that some amazing portal opens sometime: more time travelers appear in our dimension and tell us about the horrors of the future. So the new time traveler, whose name is Bella, claims that she managed to visit 3800 year.

There are not so many people who believed her, but she recorded a video, which shows a photograph allegedly made on the streets of the city of the future. The picture does not promise humanity anything good in a thousand years. The photo depicts only the black ruins of the former metropolis.

Time traveler Bella says that going to the future she hoped to see there wonderful places, unique technologies and in general an ideal world. But the time traveler observed a completely different picture: destroyed buildings, dead people and hundreds of robots around.

The grl assumes that in the future our world will be destroyed by evil robots. She tried to describe one of them, noting that it was “a creature made in the likeness of a man from metal, hands resemble silicone, and facial features are evil.”

Bella also notes she managed to visit the future thanks to a man who sent her in 3800. However, how he did this, the girl does not tell.