Finally solved: Scientists Solved A Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

Scientists from the University of Southampton revealed the secret of the disappearance of sea-going ships in the Bermuda Triangle.

According to the researchers, the cause of the death of the ships is 100-foot oceanic “wave-killers”, which can occur in the anomaly zone, writes Daily Star. As reported by RT, such enormous waves can destroy even a 180-meter liner. The main danger of the Bermuda Triangle lies in the fact that sudden storms often occur here.

To test the theory, the researchers created a virtual model of the natural anomaly during the storm, and then sent a model of the ship “Cyclops” to it – an analog of a ship that disappeared in 1918. The vessel carried 10 thousand tons of manganese ore, and 300 people were on board.

Under the onslaught of waves, the computer model of the ship broke in two parts and sank within a couple of minutes. Scientists suggest that such a fate befell most of the ships caught in the storm in the Bermuda Triangle.