12 Thousand Years Old Mummies Of Two-meter Aliens Were Found In Egypt [Video]

The US intelligence agencies received video materials of unknown origin with the participation of aliens. The mysterious video appeared in free access.

The video shows a two-meter mummy of an alien, which was discovered by researchers during an expedition to Egypt.

The remains of the giant aliens were found in 1961. Special services officers went to the territory of Egypt with the IsisProject mission.

During this mission, they searched for information about the technology of building the ancient pyramids. In addition, politicians from different countries became participants of the mission.

During the excavations in Giza at the base of the pyramids, ancient burials with the mummies of humanoids were discovered. However, no official information on the incredible find or materials was found.

The posted footage shows the mummies of aliens-giants, whose age is more than 12 thousand years.