Angel Was Captured On Video

Another fantastic video appeared on the web, which allegedly captured an angel standing on a cloud. The author of the video shot a stormy sky, as he noticed something similar to the wings that moved, then the whole figure of the angel appeared.

The author of the video zoomed in, and it was noticeably supposedly similar to a human figure with a face and hair. At the same time, the angel’s wings moved like a butterfly’s ones.

Users of the network, however, were very skeptical about the video. For example, many were confused by the fact that the figure, despite the fast moves of the wings, remained motionless. Also, the size of the creature, if you notice the proportions, probably should have been up to a dozen meters, the users laughed, calling the video a little clumsy graphics.


Angel (Greek ἄγγελος , angelos  – “herald”), in Abrahamic religions  – a spiritual, ethereal being, communicating the will of God and possessing supernatural possibilities. Traditionally, the angel is portrayed as an anthropomorphic creature with wings behind his back.