A Wheel And Dead Alien Was Found On The Moon [VIDEO]

A tireless ufologist  George Graham, who owns YouTube’s popular Streetcap1 channel, continues to search for the presence of aliens on Earth and in the near space. Now he found a mysterious wheel on the Moon.

Rather, it will be said that George found this clearly man-made wheel on one of the shots of the moon, made by the astronauts of the mission “Apolon-17”. UFOlogist found a dark circle, very similar to the usual wheel, which can not be made by nature. And, according to the researcher, this “wheel” casts a shadow commensurate with the shadows of the craters of the Moon. Surprising and that, Graham emphasizes, that on the previous photos made the minute earlier, this wheel is not present.

Internet users have suggested that the “wheel” could actually get accidentally in the form of a defect of shooting, because those days the camera equipment was not as professional as it is now. Other users believe that this wheel once again proves that the Americans did not fly anywhere and have never been on the Moon. Someone accidentally threw this wheel in the studio, and it fell into the frame together with the imitation of the lunar surface.

Video: Now on the Moon have found out also a wheel

We suggest you also watch the video of George Graham, which was published a little earlier. On it, the ufologist shows the dead aliens discovered on one of the pictures of the Moon. However, most users of the World Wide Web could not understand anything from this find, so it’s no accident that one of the users with malicious ears wrote that, apparently, one should be a long-time ufologist to see here something that looks like a humanoid, it is not given.

If we take into account the fact that all the lunar missions of NASA were a hoax, then the search for anomalies and even more traces of aliens on the lunar photographs of the US space agency are completely turning into a farce. Maybe NASA scientists have done it all on purpose and are now chuckling at naive ufologists such as George Graham, Scott Waring and others.