Strangest Baby In History. He’s Only 2 Months Old But He’s Already Talking

Maybe you have already seen or heard about the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. The story of the strangest baby in history from Magura, in Bangladesh, travels the world to remind us of the protagonist of this film and his rare disease. Although it was born only a few months ago, its face, body and skin resemble a person of 80 years.

Because of the characteristics already mentioned, doctors believe that this child suffers from progeria, a very strange disease that affects only 1 in 7 million people around the world.

The strangest baby in history

“Wrinkled skin is the main indication of babies born with that terrible suffering,” said the doctor.

The parents said they were not interested or dissatisfied with the appearance of this unique child. On the contrary, they consider it as a blessing for them to have such a child.

Strangest baby in history
Strangest baby in history

Progeria affects different organs and tissues. Children with this rare disease have a small size, a large head, and dry, wrinkled skin. There is still no cure, but research shows hope of treatment. Those who suffer usually live till 13 years, although there have been some cases of patients who reached 20 years old.

Some sites reported that family members said that the boy babbled his first words and left everyone very surprised.

The video we left was recorded when the child was only 2 months old; You will see the strangeness of its condition.

What do you think of this bizarre case? This is the strangest baby I’ve ever seen. His condition is so bad that he looks really like an alien baby. Do you agree with this? Do we have a cure for this disease or will we treat such a severe disease in the future? What’s the strangest baby you’ve ever seen? Share this article and comment on it and watch the video below!