Antarctica Is The Only Location on Our Planet That is Forbidden for Civilians? Why?

What comes to the mind of a normal human being when someone talks about Antarctica? Naturally, the first associations are cold weather and freezing temperatures, hostile territory, mysterious structures under the ice, penguins. But few of us know that Antarctica is the only place on our planet that is prohibited for civilians.

The reason why civilians are forbidden to live in Antarctica pops our head immediately. And the answer is not what a normal human being would expect.

With 14 million square kilometers, it is the fifth largest continent on our planet. Antarctica was not always what it is now. Actually, it was totally different from what we recognize today.

About 170 million years ago, there was a supercontinent called Gondwana and Antarctica a part of it. About 25 million years ago, Antarctica split a piece of this extraordinary supercontinent.

In the past, Antarctica, the house of penguins, covered with ice, was the opposite, a land covered with vegetation and life.

Located beyond the north, Antarctica found a tropical climate that indicates that it was a continent surrounded by forests and several ancient creatures of life. As for the fact that we do not know much about life on the planet in the distant past, it is very possible that this continent is full of people and developed societies, not very different from other continents.

History says that the first visit to Antarctica by mankind occurred around 1820. However, we could not fully justify this claim.

As we said, there are a large number of old maps that illustrate “Green Antarctica“. The most impressive is the map composed in 1513 by the Turkish admiral Piri Reis.  By comparing the years, we were surprised and confused about how it is possible that Antarctica was found mainly in 1820, when it was presented on a map in 1513.

antarctica is not we are being told

Several maps are the authentic proof that traditional scholars miss something that is taught by ancient civilizations. It seems that ancient humanity was in fact much more progressive than you think.

A very funny documentary called Third Reich – Operation UFO, is investigating Antarctica, looking for answers on many things, even if Antarctica could harbor many hidden underground bases.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, its main security organization, the KGB, leaked documents about the odious “Operation Highjump,” previously reserved. Reports obtained by Soviet spies working in the United States discovered many explorations in Antarctica by the United States Navy, for unknown reasons.

The official name of Operation Highjump was “The United States Navy Antarctic Developments Program, 1946-1947” and was organized by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd Jr. and headed by Rear Admiral Richard H. Cruzen. Task Force 68 included 4,700 men, 13 ships and 33 aircraft. It was said that the official motive was to found the Antarctic Research Base of Little America IV, but people believe that it was much deeper than what is being said to the public.

Operation Highjump was extremely secret. Everything happened very quickly and during the operation, Admiral Ramsey only dealt with government agencies, not accepting politicians or foreign spectators.

More than 70,000 photographs were taken during the flight, but all were wrapped in a great secret. In addition, several men lost their lives in plane crashes.

When he returned home, Admiral Byrd was invited to participate in an interrogation by the security services, before meeting with Defense Secretary James Forrestal.

Admiral Byrd made an overwhelming statement. He said that flying objects from Poles to Poles with incredible speed are the real threat. He wondered, who were the new enemies in relation to the fact that Germany suffered a crushing defeat in the war. Maybe they are the remains of the German army that was based in Antarctica? Maybe not?

However, we must admit that Antarctica remains one of the most abandoned and mysterious places on our planet.

One thing is certain. The government will continue to explore and investigate it in the future. Currently, about 30 countries operate bases of research stations on the continent, but the public has not been informed. The armed forces visit the continent from time to time, although the Treaty of Antarctica demands its absolute presence.

Amazing details reported by a naval officer said they saw a huge opening in the ice in an overflight area they passed through. After that, he went through a team of scientists that disappeared for two weeks and seems very scared. On his return, his team was isolated and they were repatriated in a special plane. This is one of the most irritating stories presented to the public about what is happening in Antarctica.

However, people always ask. What is the secret of Antarctica? Is their secret made by the modern people around us or was it created by the elders many years ago? Or is there no secret and Antarctica is just a frozen continent?