New Discoveries On Mars: Seashells Have Been Found On The Red Planet

Mars is one of our cosmic neighbors.  Its minimum distance from Earth is more than 32 million miles. It’s planned that humanity will send it’s mission to Mars till 2030-years.  However,  Mars, undoubtedly, has a lot of enigmas and mysteries that we should unravel in the future. Our interest in exploring the Red Planet was high even before the start of the space exploration era. For example,  Herbert Wells, far before the start of the cosmic era fantasized about aliens from Mars and a war between humans and Martians in his infamous science fiction novel “The war of the worlds”. After the Mars Rover ‘Curiosity’ started exploration of the Red Planet he made a lot of really sensational discoveries. For instance, water was found on Mars that can lead us to a conclusion – Mars could be habitable. But what about new discoveries on Mars?

New discoveries on Mars: Seashells

There are objects similar to seashells, in the new photos from Mars, right next to the rover. Curiosity may have shown evidence that on Mars once there was an ocean, and it was inhabited by living organisms. At least the shellfish, whose shells can be seen quite well in the picture and which differ from surrounding stones. The shells are visible on two photographs taken on January 15, 2018 and lie just next to the rover. Links to original NASA photos: photo1, photo2.

New discoveries on Mars: Seashells 1

New discoveries on Mars: Seashells 2

At first glance, it may seem that there are just two stones. But then you start to look closely and realize there is a twist like in shells that are on the surface of these “stones”, and both edges of each “stone” are narrowed too, like in shells.

New discoveries on Mars: Seashells 3

New discoveries on Mars: Seashells 4

By the way, this is not the first time that objects similar to shells are found on Mars. Below you can see the findings of “virtual archaeologists” of different years.