‘Alien’ Scott Ridley Is One Of The Best Movies Of Its Genre Ever

Today it is difficult to imagine a person who is not indifferent to the cinema, to whom the frightening appearance of the Alien will not say anything. For more than thirty years, Alien Scott Ridley has become not just an exemplary representative of the genre. He gave a powerful impetus to the development of all cinematography and was an important milestone in the career of a number of personalities, including the director himself.

I will say that the preparation of this voluminous material has caused me a whole wave of nostalgia for all those countless views over the last twenty years of conscious thought. Alien Scott Ridley has no expiration date, as a work of art, so it continues to attract the attention of people in several genres at once.

For some, this is a sample of high-quality science fiction, for others – the classic horror, for the third – a stressful thriller with the prohibitive level of the so-called suspense.

alien scott ridley

And even the last pages of history, in the face of combining with the “Predator” universe, did not cast a shadow on the legendary film and its iconic sequel. At a time when decent technologies already existed, Ridley Scott created a retro-futuristic atmosphere, remarkable even today, far ahead of 1979. The benefit of modern achievements, we can today watch Alien  Scott Ridley in the highest quality of image and sound and receive all new portions of emotions.

Alien Scott Ridley became the first real hit of completely unknown Scott. The script of the movie was written by Dan O’Bannon – the person responsible for the first attempt to film the long-suffering Dune. Appearance of the Alien an aggressive alien creature, which is the main antagonist of the film, was created by the famous Swiss artist GR Giger. Actress starring in the film – Sigourney Weaver also got the first true fame after the Alien.

The picture tells about the crew of the spacecraft entering the fight with the nightmare alien, at the time of its release, really shocked the audience. This “attraction” brought its creators record for the genre box office and an Oscar statuette for the best special effects, as well as many other less famous premiums. In 2002, Alien was included in the list of films selected by the National Council of the United States for storage in the Library of Congress.