Alien Mothership Flying Out From The Surface Of The Sun Was Caught By NASA

The discussion of life outside the Earth continues both in scientific circles and in the broadest circles. One part of society is firmly convinced of the existence of alien life on other planets,  moreover, some people believe that extraterrestrial civilizations visit us from time to time. During all the history of a humankind, people saw strange objects that looks like the alien mothership.

The other part of the society is in doubt. Skeptics are asked quite a reasonable question: if we already know a lot of planets with conditions suitable for life, then why have not we found it yet? After all, for some reason, there is still no reliable proof of the existence of aliens.

Alien mothership flying out from the surface of the Sun

But anyway, the idea of the existence of extraterrestrial life came to mankind many times, creating a certain branch of our culture. We used to think that aliens come from other planets, for example, from Mars. However, we can and make mistakes, building assumptions only about the planets. A new video, taken from the resource, launched jointly by NASA and ESA, gives an interesting twist in the idea of the existence of aliens. This website specializes in tracking the sun. Recently, a strange object was seen from the depths of our star. What is this? Alien mothership?

Alien mothership

Despite the highest temperatures, which reach 5527 degrees Celsius on the surface of the Sun, and almost up to 1,500,000 degrees in the core, some unknown flying object, resembling a butterfly, separated from the Sun. Any probe or satellite created by a person would simply burn at such temperatures. But alien civilizations must have been much more advanced than a human one.

It is interesting that the shape and motion of the detected object do not coincide with any known object that is formed by the Sun itself. Ufologists are already investigating this case.

So is this an alien mothership? Or what? Do you have any ideas on what it can be?