Latest UFO Sightings

Strange phenomena were recorded in different parts of the world while a lot of proofs of aliens are found in ancient arrt.  The latest ufo sightings stunned hundreds of people who managed to capture the events and spread the videos on social networks.

Latest UFO Sightings in Colombia

One of the phenomena was registered in Ocaña, Colombia at around 7:00 p.m. When a luminous object appeared in the sky.

In the videos, you can see that the object radiated a very strong orange light and remained motionless for several minutes. According to locals, the UFO fell a few kilometers away.

The Colombian authorities didn’t comment this, however, among Internet users, a debate has already started with the purpose of determining the origin of the phenomenon.

“That was not a plane, it’s a meteor, God protects us, where will it fall?” Say the terrified spectators.

“It is getting closer and closer, it moves slightly and stays still,” says another observer who recorded the event, while others question what is it?

Latest UFO Sightings In Russia

A mysterious flying object was observed in the sky above the city of Lipetsk, Russia. In the video, you can see an object that radiates white light in the sky and moves very slowly.

As in the case of Colombia, the people documented the event and published the images on social networks.

In both cases, there are those who do not believe it is an alien ship, but a flare or an incandescent device, others joke with it, ensuring that it is the ‘end of the world’.

The videos were shared thousands of times and are spreading around the world, while the most passionate about extraterrestrial life assured that it is a ship from other worlds that visit the Earth.

It is worth mentioning that in Russia this type of sightings occurs more often.

Latest UFO Sightings In Peru

Do the aliens visit us? Images on the Internet show these objects in different parts of Peru.

The RAE defines the word ‘UFO’ as the “unidentified flying object that is sometimes considered as an extraterrestrial spacecraft”. There are thousands of cases in which these flying objects have been registered around the world, and Peru is no exception. The videos uploaded on web show how several of these spaceships move through the sky in total synchrony.

The most notorious case was recently on Tuesday at the Jorge Chávez International Airport. The airport’s radar screens captured twelve unidentified flying objects flying over the airport, which caused the authorities to stop the air traffic for three hours. The most outstanding thing about this sighting is that it cannot be seen with the naked eye but an infrared radar can detect them.

Another notorious case happened in the Plaza de Armas in Lima. The images were captured by a journalist. In them, you can see four strange objects about Government Palace and The Cathedral of Lima. These objects had an oval and resplendent shape. This fact was witnessed by many people in the capital.

If these cases seem unusual to you, we leave you the full video of sightings in Peru.

Latest UFO Sightings In Mexico

Another UFO captured in the sky of Mexico has caught the attention of thousands of users on Facebook, who so far can not find an explanation to the wave of latest UFO sightings in recent weeks.

A new UFO sighting causes intrigue in Mexico. The images were captured by a group of people who traveled in a car.

Upon noticing the presence of the object, the witness approached with his camera and captured it in greater detail, being even more amazed: he noticed a creature floating in the air.

Latest UFO Sightings: Flying humanoid

The video was broadcasted on Facebook by ufologist Pedro Ramírez, who usually uploads images related to the UFO phenomenon in Mexico and the world.

He assures that the increase in this type of paranormal activity is due to the fact that Earth has been sending ‘war material’ to space, therefore, it ensures that beings from other planets are constantly monitored.

“This year will be crucial for those who closely follow this phenomenon, NASA together with spaceX, have planned different launches into space, some with ‘suspicious’ targets,” says the expert, suggesting that there will be more UFO sightings in the future.

On Facebook, the video already has more than 50 thousand shares in just a few days of being published and a large number of users have been astonished with the discovery. While some do believe that it is an alien ship, others think it may be a test of the famous ‘jetpack’, which uses propulsion technology so that an individual can float in the air.